Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Age: 15 months
Gender: Male
Adoption Fee: $350


Say hello to Elliot!

Elliot was surrendered after he was hit by a car and his previous owners couldn’t afford the very expensive surgery to fix his leg. He has been on crate rest since he got to his foster home on 1/11/20. Surgery to fix the break was on 1/15/20, and his cage rest was changed to small room rest on 1/29/20. Recently we started doing 5 minute walks twice daily. We are working up to it, and the hope is to start 10 minute walks in about two weeks. The vet is very pleased with his progress and thinks he ready to start moving around more.

Elliot is mostly housebroken, but he is still very much a puppy and will act like it. There have been very few messes in the crate, most brought on by high stress moments.

Elliot really enjoys children and cats, and has been wonderful with the other dogs in the foster home. Favorite toys include empty water gallon jugs, deer antlers, and round bones filled with wet food. The least favorite part of his day seems to be interacting with any men with beards or being left alone when he can hear something going on without him.

Elliot is very loving and is a little whirlwind. He tries very hard to be a good boy, but he just doesn’t really know how to yet. He would do best in a home with someone with puppy training experience and a lot of patience.




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